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APLEX Bio raises 14 MSEK (€1.3M) for development of its next-generation hyperplexed molecular detection technology


11 mars 2022

APLEX Bio announces it has raised 14 MSEK (€1.3M) for developing its massive multiplexing technology that enables detection of more than 100 biomolecules (DNA, RNA, proteins) with single molecule sensitivity in each drop of sample, without the need for sequencing or other complex instrumentation.

STOCKHOLM – APLEX Bio, developer of a next-generation massively multiplexed (hyperplexed) molecular detection technology based on research in collaboration with Professor Mats Nilsson's laboratory at SciLifeLab, announces it has raised 14 MSEK (€1.3M) over a seed and acceleration round from Swedish and American private investors.

“We have developed a unique technology that combines cutting edge nano- & biochemistry to achieve an unparalleled degree of multiplexing performance of probes. With our powerful Nanopixels, we enable a completely new generation of molecular techniques, and the magic is that commonly used lab equipment is enough to generate results using our kits”, says Umear Naseem, CEO and founder. ”We are very proud and happy for the trust and belief the investors have shown by investing 14 MSEK in APLEX Bio.” Umear continues, ”the investment will give us the opportunity to further explore and develop the technology and to initiate an early access program for the first selected customers”.

APLEX Bio has invented and is unique in using this massive multiplexing technology for simultaneous probing of tens to hundreds of target molecules in a single step, combined with extreme sensitivity and single-nucleotide specificity. This will have a great importance for many molecular diagnostic applications and will thereby play an important role in personalised medicine and diseases with high unmet medical need.

APLEX Bio now opens an early access program for first customers starting in Q2 2022.

About APLEX Bio

APLEX Bio is a Swedish start-up founded in 2020 developing and commercializing a next-generation hyperplexed molecular detection technology for analysis of massive numbers of biomarkers both in-vitro and in-situ. The technology enables applications from research to mass-scale in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) and precision diagnostics. APLEX Bio is based in Stockholm at the Karolinska Institute (KI) campus and is part of KI Innovations.

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