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Now available for beta testing


The Hyperplex PCR™ platform seamlessly integrates into your existing lab workflows utilizing common thermocyclers and fluorescence microscopes.

Neon Ring Lights

Hyperplex PCR™ in your lab

Supercharge your PCR using conventional thermocyclers and fluorescence microscopes or imagers. We enable this with our proprietary kits, consumables and software.

Select from pre-designed panels or order ready-to-use custom panels depending on your application and needs.

Sounds interesting but not sure it will work for your application? Talk with our experts to set up a pilot project as a service. All you need to do is to send your extracted samples to our service lab and receive results for your evaluation.

In your lab


PCR primers and padlock-probes for your application of interest

Pre-designed panels

Select from already defined and validated panels to upgrade your analysis immediately.

Keep an eye out for more panels available from us or through our panel-development partners.

Available after beta

Instant custom panels

Instant on-the-fly flexibility for your application. Panels are designed to work with minimal optimization of the padlock-probes to achieve single-nucleotide specificity.


For quantitative results, the only requirement is for the general PCR primers to amplify efficiently regardless of their specificity to mutations. This enables easy discrimination between:

  • Substitutions  

  • Insertions

  • Deletions

  • Indels

A new panel can typically be designed, ordered and set up as quick as within 2 weeks. 



Customize your throughput, retain cost-efficiency
The assay is carried out in off-the-shelf PCR tubes or multi-well plates. Samples are then captured on Aplex-provided glass slides for Nanopixel™ labelling and imaging. The entire workflow is compatible with standard microtiter plate format for easy integration with automated solutions


Multiplex per well

Or max multiplex

using all wells

Capture slides
+ frames

Modified glass slides with re-usable frames for amplicon capture and Nanopixel™ labelling

12 / 18 / 48


1,200 / 1,800 / 4,800

54 sample
multi-slide tray

Re-usable tray for ANSI-SLAS automation
(96-well format)


54 (3x18)



144 sample
multi-slide tray

Re-usable tray for ANSI-SLAS  high-throughput automation (384-well format)

144 (3x48)




Service solutions

Do you prefer sending your samples for analysis?
Want to run a pilot project before implementing Hyperplex PCR in your lab?

We have the right solution suitable for you.

Sample analysis service

Full analysis service of your extraced samples. This is a great way to pilot test Hyperplex PCR before implementing it in your lab, or as routine testing for the entire project duration.

Imaging service

Assay your samples using Hyperplex PCR kits and send the prepared slides to us for imaging. This is ideal for customers who do not have access to a suitable imaging system

Join the Hyperplex PCR revolution

Thanks for submitting! We will get in touch with you.

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