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We have taken PCR to a whole new level. Our Hyperplex PCR™ technology enables detection of up to 100 markers in a single well with highly specific and ultra-sensitive performance.


Today, analysis has limitations


We bring you the future

Efficiency & Performance

To overcome these challenges, there is a need for new, accurate molecular testing solutions that can detect multiple, difficult and low abundance markers while simultaneously handle large sample volumes and seamlessly integrate into existing lab workflows without the need for substantial equipment investment.


PCR has long been the go-to molecular testing method providing scalability and highly sensitive results. However, it may become impractical or costly for high-throughput projects where broad genomic insight is required, or when there is a need to detect difficult, numerous target sequences in a single sample.



In comparison, NGS approaches excel in discovering novel genes and provide extreme sequence specificity. Yet, the initial equipment costs, ongoing reagent expenses, service fees, training required and turnaround time to results present significant barriers for many labs.​


An end-point quantitative PCR technology powered by Nanpixels™, padlock probes and RCA-based molecular counting ensuring single-nucleotide resolution and ultra-sensitivity together with hyperplex capabilities to detect 100+ targets in each well.

Analysis without compromise

Wider view

Detect up to 100 targets in a single sample

Deeper understanding

Highly specific and ultra-sensitive

Faster answers

Results within 4 hours

Seamless integration

Works with standard equipment and consumables

Powered by Nanopixels™ and Padlock-probes
Analysis without compromise
How we compare to other technologies

Deeper, Wider, Faster

We Are Solving

  • Labs increasingly need to detect a high number of targets from a single sample
    Our Benefit: hpPCR enables ultra-sensitive detection of 100+ targets in a single sample
  • qPCR/dPCR lacks specificity for difficult targets, requiring lenghty validation of new probes
    Our Benefit: hpPCR provides NGS-grade specificity for virtually any sequence and fast turnoround from probe design to implementation
  • NGS requires high investment in new equipment and significant training
    Our Benefit: hpPCR can be adopted within existing routine workflows, without the need for investment in complex or costly instrumentation by using existing thermocyclers and fluorescence readers. Talk with our team to find out how well your equipment already works.
  • NGS results take days or weeks
    Our Benefit: hpPCR can deliver results in as fast as 4 hours

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APLEX Bio recognized as top Swedish innovation on the IVA-100 list for 2023

10 maj 2023

APLEX Bio recognized as impact company by EQT Foundation

11 dec. 2022

hpPCR used in long-term SARS-CoV-2 surveillance study

26 nov. 2022

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